About Me

I am a doctoral candidate in the School of Literatures, Languages and Cultures at the University of Edinburgh. My thesis is on the politics of style in the late works of Nadine Gordimer. I am also a two-time graduate of the University of Edinburgh, having taken an MA (Hons) Philosophy and English Literature in 2015 and an MSc Literature and Modernity in 2016.

My primary research is currently in postcolonial studies, drawing significantly from the Marxian analysis of combined and unequal development by the Warwick Research Collective. In addition, my other research interests include ecocriticism and the environmental humanities, twentieth and twenty-first century literature, the politics and poetics of postmodernism (especially what comes after postmodernism like metamodernism, et cetera), literature and science, and the medical humanities.

I have, on occasion, dabbled in other fields, having nearly begun a Masters in Philosophy to study post-Kuhnian, neo-Kantian approaches to reason and rationality in the Philosophy of Science, having written a Masters dissertation in word and music studies, or having reviewed books on a number of different subjects for journals or web sites. My doctoral research is taking me into the field of late style studies, which is proving to be quite a new experience.

Amongst other things, I run the Edinburgh Medicine in Literature Reading Group — an interdisciplinary medical humanities reading group which began as an offshoot of the intercalated Medicine in Literature degree — and I am a member of the Edinburgh Environmental Humanities Network as well as the Edinburgh Medical Humanities Network. I am also part of the Intersections and Borderlines reading group, run by my fellow PhD students.

I am also a member of the Postcolonial Studies Association, the British Society for Literature and Science, the W.H. Auden Society, and Sector ZZ9 Plural Z Alpha (the Douglas Adams Appreciation Society in the UK).

I have a knack for turning up to places with my camera, from time to time. I have dabbled in photography now and again, and I find it a rather refreshing exercises that forces me to be conscious of my own ways of seeing. I also spend some of my spare time chucking a ball through a bright yellow hoop suspended 3.5 m above the ground.

About this blog: This web site is primarily a blog for writing about interesting things that strike my fancy during the course of my doctoral research. I hope to write about ideas arising throughout my work, my experiences within academia, comments on various things I read (such as news or interesting pieces of research), as well as on subjects outside of my core research.

This is also an attempt for me to consolidate my academic work on my own web space rather than on other silos. While I have not gone the entire Indieweb route just yet, I would still like to exercise a greater degree of ownership and control over my writing on the Internet than I would have using other platforms.